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WtsWrng is a virtual Essential Primary Healthcare AI Platform with a unique symptom triage app that uses the universal language of graphics and images to let users navigate easily and intuitively.

Disrupting patient journey toward an easier access path

What makes WtsWrng different and innovative?

The app can be navigated using only graphics and images

Spoken or written language is often a barrier in communication between the patient and the doctor.

– Because a picture is worth a thousand words –

For worldwide use!

What is WtsWrng doing for you?

The technology developed includes the following functions:

Very intuitive!

You don’t need to speak a specific language or be literate to get basic health advice. You just navigate (clicking) through a series of images regarding your symptoms to get the advice.

We tell you if you need to see a doctor.

It informs what type of health assistance – general practitioner, specialist, emergency – you need or if you don’t need it (then stay at home); where can be found and recommends when to go, urgently or within next few days. Furthermore, avoids you (and a health care professional) unnecessary travelling.

We know what can be wrong with you:

Given a symptom/s and according to the images choices, it identifies the most probable differential diagnoses of presumption in the back (based on >23 symptoms which lead to more than 300 differential diagnoses, including some potential rare diseases); which are the basis for the type of advice.

Artificial Intelligence
We use Professional & Evidence-based algorithms improved by Artificial Intelligence: the app uses computerized algorithms, based on artificial & professional intelligence to verify the answer.
Follow up

The app follow up you if you want: It gives you the possibility to be monitored with a proactive follow-up (voluntary through an avatar) if the advice is stay at home. The aim is to ensure that in case of the symptoms change, the adequate and timely advice is given.

Download your history
You can download your history in the doc computer: Keeps a record of symptoms and presumed diagnoses, (optional upon user’s request for future consultation with a practitioner/ specialist) allowing your doctor to download and consult your symptoms if he/she wants/needs to.
Real World Data
We are a robust source of Real World Data: capturing every minute data from users is a live system to track health trends, health needs and health alerts, as well as a source of policy/business intelligence, used to advise governments, companies and research centres on gaps in cover of global health needs and health alerts.
Now, using your mobile phone, you can have access to a high quality essential health counselling according to a risk symptom triage

Awards achieved

Developed by Mangrana Ventures S.L., WtsWrng is the first solution of the company offered through an app for smartphones 100% self-engineered, based on extensive and continuous analysis of the global healthcare sector.

The disruptive value of WtsWrng has been recognized by several authorities in the form of awards and recognitions.

Our goals

WtsWrng, the “Primary care in my Pocket” app for smartphones, aims to be the global meeting point for both individual citizens worldwide -to get the answer to their essential health needs- and government and companies that strive to manage and produce the resources and products to achieve universal health care coverage for all in the 21st century.

WtsWrng Journey

Where we are now

WtsWrng is currently being clinically validated at the Hospital Clinic’s ER room and its primary care area (Ethical Review Board approved). Hospital Clinic de Barcelona is a university hospital founded in 1906 which belongs to the Catalan Public Hospital Network (XHUP).

With this trial we are analysing the comparative effectiveness (accuracy in triage diagnosis and discharge diagnosis) and efficiency (potential resources saved) of using WtsWrng.

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